Bradgate Grange was appointed by a distributor and show garden designer, Michael McGarr, to design and build a beautiful outdoor building  that was in keeping with the theme of the re-wilding garden at RHS Tatton Park 2021.

Michael McGarr really appreciated the design of the Charnwood model with the large circular window from Bradgate Grange, but challenged them to adapt the building so that it mirrored some of the key features within the re-wilding garden.

The adaptions to the building required by the show garden designer were:-

  • A black building with natural cladding to match the large timber pieces in the garden
  • A sloping roof towards the back of the building to match the sloping stone features



Bradgate Grange recommended to Michael McGarr that they used a charred larch for the cladding. This is a natural material which is burned until the surface is charred then coated with a natural oil.  This ancient Japanese method of preserving wood by charring it with fire in order to weather proof it is called Shou Sugi Ban. This type of cladding would help the building blend into the re-wilding garden and give the appearance that it has stood there for a long time.

Bradgate Grange also met the brief by adding a roof pitch to the Charnwood model. Expectations were exceeded by using a anthracite grey, thermally broken aluminium for the circular window and bi-fold doors which closely matched the colour of the steel used in the “moongates” in the adjacent stone walls. 


Bradgate Grange designed, built and furnished a stunning outdoor building that delivered on the clients brief. The Charnwood easily blended into the re-wilding garden, giving thousands of visitors to RHS Tatton Park something to enjoy and admire when visiting the show garden.

The distributor trusted Bradgate Grange as an outdoor building specialist to deliver on the garden designers brief and they didn’t disappoint looking at the end result. This experience has shown them that Bradgate Grange can offer fully customisable outdoor living spaces that they can recommend and work with on other future projects.


“Bradgate Grange is such a great company to deal with. A ‘no problem’ attitude that helped create the garden studio of our dreams. Highly recommended!!! A pleasure to work with!!!

Michael McGarr, Show Garden Designer